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The mission is simple: roast excellent coffee for whomever cares to drink it. 

How we do it involves sourcing some of the world's best coffee... but only if it's ethically produced and priced to return a just wage to the farmers.  Every bean is traceable to a farm or co-op and the families that support it. 

We roast in small batches on our 3kg Mill City roaster in our Hillsdale, Michigan shop.  Every single batch is manually controlled to unlock the potential in our world class coffee.  And finally, we distribute the coffee from our family to yours. 

Why?  Because we're grateful for the freedom to pursue our livelihoods in peace and cooperation with those around us.  We think small business is an integral aspect of healthy American culture and that it's good for our family to work together in providing those in our community with excellent coffee.  Also, we love coffee: the way it tastes; the way it enlivens people; and the way it integrates communities.  

stay frosty - coffee helps  

Patrick Whalen

Patrick enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2007 and served on active duty for over 9 years. He is a husband, father, entrepreneur, founder of a school, published poet, fitness enthusiast, and coffee roaster.  Here he is doing his best impression of the intimidating military photo...  

Kristi Whalen

Kristi graduated from Hillsdale College in 2007 with degrees in History and French.  She is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, homemaker, French teacher, property manager, and fitness enthusiast. She actually has read all those books.  Seriously...   

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