Our Story

Ad Astra Roasters is a US Marine veteran and family-owned business located in Hillsdale, Michigan.  

Founded in Kansas in 2018, Ad Astra Roasters takes its name from the Kansas state motto: 

Ad Astra per Aspera  -  to the stars through adversity.
We love specialty coffee and for years had roasted it for ourselves with a variety of roasters: some commercial, some homemade; some fluid bed roasters, some drum roasters.  Eventually we started roasting for a larger audience and Ad Astra Roasters was born.  Our goal is to create extraordinary quality in the cup, value for our producers and customers, and strong local communities.
Currently we roast on a 3kg Mill City Roaster and provide hand crafted specialty coffee to shops, connoisseurs, and coffee lovers throughout the country.

Meet The Team


Owner / CEO

Patrick enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2007 and served on active duty for over 9 years, followed by a stint in the reserves. He is a husband, father, entrepreneur, school founder, published poet, fitness enthusiast, and coffee roaster.  Get some.  



Kristi graduated from Hillsdale College in 2007 with degrees in History and French.  She is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, homemaker, French teacher, property manager, and fitness enthusiast. She actually has read all those books.  Seriously...   

morgan mugshot.jpg


Morgan graduated from Hillsdale College in 2021 with a degree in English literature. His three free-range chickens occasionally cause traffic jams in town. Please do not call the roastery with chicken-related complaints.

Social Media & Marketing 

Caitlin is a sophomore at Hillsdale College who originally hails from Kansas, the Ad Astra state.  



Business Development

Dominic is a 2019 graduate of Hillsdale with a degree in History. He is a husband, family man, avid outdoorsman, history buff, salesman, and coffee addict. When not reading history or hiking you'll find him drinking coffee...can you guess what brand? 

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Meet the Hardware

Big Red, the roaster.

Equal parts Willy Wonka, machine shop, and hearth:  Big Red is 800lbs of metal, gears, wires, and fans. From Mill City Roasters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, through Chicago, to Hillsdale, Michigan, this is an all-American work horse that under our roasters' attentive hands works magic with the coffee bean.