Poetry Series: Blue  |  Guatemala Huehuetenango

Poetry Series: Blue | Guatemala Huehuetenango


The Poetry Series features absolutely top notch single origin coffees which we introduce with one of our favorite poems.  The coffees in this series are ethically sourced from individual farms and co-ops and rotate regularly.  With each new coffee, we'll share a new poem.  Every coffee is selected for its impact in the cup, and every poem is selected for ... well, we invite you to ponder that over a solid cup of joe.   


Wallace Stevens
from Ideas of Order at Key West

Ramon Fernandez, tell me, if you know,   
Why, when the singing ended and we turned   
Toward the town, tell why the glassy lights,   
The lights in the fishing boats at anchor there,   
As the night descended, tilting in the air,   
Mastered the night and portioned out the sea,   
Fixing emblazoned zones and fiery poles,   
Arranging, deepening, enchanting night.

Oh! Blessed rage for order, pale Ramon,   
The maker’s rage to order words of the sea,   
Words of the fragrant portals, dimly-starred,   
And of ourselves and of our origins,
In ghostlier demarcations, keener sounds.

  • Product Information

    A washed coffee from Cooperativa Agrícola Integral Hoja Blanca, R.L. in Guatemala.    Light roast with medium body and floral fragrance. Sweet and fruity in the cup with citrus-like acidity.

    Cultivar: Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, San Ramon, and Typica

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