Poetry Series: Red |  Honduras Marcala

Poetry Series: Red | Honduras Marcala


The Poetry Series features absolutely top notch single origin coffees which we introduce with one of our favorite poems.  The coffees in this series are ethically sourced from individual farms and co-ops and rotate regularly.  With each new coffee, we'll share a new poem.  Every coffee is selected for its impact in the cup, and every poem is selected for ... well, we invite you to ponder that over a solid cup of joe.   


Rainer Maria Rilke
Sonnet to Orpheus: II, 13

Be ahead of all parting, as though it already were
behind you, like the winter that has just gone by.
For among these winters there is one so endlessly winter
that only by wintering through it will your heart survive.

Be forever dead in Eurydice - more gladly arise
into the seamless life proclaimed in your song.
Here, in the realm of decline, among momentary days,
be the crystal cup that shattered even as it rang.

Be - and yet know the great void where all things begin,
the infinite source of your own most intense vibration,
so that, this once, you may give it your perfect assent.

To all that is used-up, and to all the muffled and dumb
creatures in the world's full reserve, the unsayable sums,
joyfully add yourself, and cancel the count.

(trans. Stephen Mitchell)

  • Product Information

    An organic natural processed offering from the COMSA Cafe Organico Marcala farm in Honduras.  Light roast with dense body and flavor notes of citrus, peach, and florals.

    Cultivar: Organic Typica, Bourbon, Catuai’, Pacas, Maragogype, Lempira, Ihcafe 90

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