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The Story of Ad Astra Roasters

Ad Astra Roasters is a US Marine veteran and family-owned business located in Hillsdale, Michigan.  


Founded in Kansas in 2018, Ad Astra Roasters takes its name from the Kansas state motto: 

Ad Astra per Aspera  -  to the stars through adversity.

We love specialty coffee and for years had roasted it for ourselves with a variety of roasters: some commercial, some homemade; some fluid bed roasters, some drum roasters.  Eventually we started roasting for a larger audience and Ad Astra Roasters was born.

Currently we roast on a 3kg Mill City Roaster and provide hand crafted specialty coffee to shops, connoisseurs, and coffee lovers throughout the area.  


World Class Coffee: Small Town Service

Do you have a coffee shop, restaurant, or other business that serves, or wants to serve, world class coffee?   Are you a believer in shopping small and supporting family and veteran owned operations?  Do you have a discerning palate that is painfully aware of when coffee is stale, burned, or roasted without a sense of humor?

We thought so, which is why we're standing by to answer your questions about our wholesale pricing.

We're proud to work with several coffee shops and wholesale partners...but don't let them have all the fun.  Shoot us a note or drop a line and we'll be in touch with the details of our wholesale program. 


Specialty Coffee

Veteran Owned Roastery  

Hillsdale Michigan


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